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Monday, October 23, 2017

The road grader has been doing a great injustice to me since early this year of 2017, when he grade the road he is making an dip at my driveway (for the water to run when it rains), I have repeatedly sent pictures to the manager of Evans county roads with little notice from them. It is strange that no one else on this route has trouble with their driveway being mucked up, what could be the reason for that, umm, take a look at whose driveway they belong to. Attitudes of some in this country is the same as their fore parents and that's a shame. The more things change the more they remain the same.

Monday, October 17, 2011

my patience is wearing thin

Having observed things in this world in which I have been placed for almost three score years, I readily admit, my tolerance of senseless actions of some are beginning to take its  toll on me. The uprising in Egypt in the spring and the uprising here in many of the cities (the United States) is indicative that there are many more that's fed up with the corruptness that's been going on in this Republic. Doing his run for the White House (President Obama) slogan was "Yes we can", after almost three years being in that house, I'm not sure we can or whether we even have the resolve to do whatever we can and therefore, coupled with everything else, I'm not in the mood. Another election cycle is in full bloom and the candidates wants to know if "I'm In" and my reply to one and all is, "I'm not in the mood". Members of the Republican party in the house have been more than a thistle in the efforts of the President to move more of  his agendas along, and the American people are truly beginning to show their distaste for those that have much and leaving the rest of us with little to nothing. I had a telephone marketer just the other day trying to pitch an alarm system my way, by telling me the system was free, I interrupted her to say, "If the good Lord did not give it, it's not free", I'm not in the mood. I have never claimed, not will I, say I have the patience of Job. The fat cats  received huge bonuses after "we", the taxpayers bailed them out after they perpetrated a fraud, a scam on the system by engaging in unscrupulous practices and causing me to lose thousands of dollars in my 401k, that should be (if Wall Street knew or cared) enough to let them know, I'm not in the mood. Every time I go for gas, I usually end up paying around forty-five dollars for a fill up that only last for about four days, if I want to ride the country roads as I usually do, I don't have that luxury at a cost that I find appeasing and therefore, I'm not in the mood. I truly understand the "Occupy" movement going on around the globe and I'm tempted to occupy a few things myself, however, I'm not in the mood. My dearly beloved of many years turned to me the other night for a little "close encountering" and I said to her quite sternly, baby, I'm not in the mood.
It has been more than six years since I published this piece "I'm not in the mood," as of today, I'm even less of being in any type of mood that will tolerate the nonsense that has gone on unabated in this Republic. Donald J Trump is the president now and his cabinet has all the markings of a true old white gathering, in fact, everyone except The Michelin man, Casper the friendly ghost and Mr. Clean are missing from his meetings, Lawd we could definitely use Mr. Clean around that White House. It has been awhile since I have attended church services, I'm ready with an answer if the good pastor should ask why he hasn't seen me at church, it's because the offering plate is passed before me too often and my wallet continue to get slimmer, I'm just not in the mood. Thanksgiving is soon to be upon me and I have much to be thankful for, I have family members that I haven't seen in awhile and I'm not calling anyone to come over, because I'm not in the mood.